3 Backlink Type That Most Common People Use

We all know that SEO is divide in two part, on-page SEO and off-page SEO. on-page SEO is about how to optimize your content specially your article but in this article i will not talking about that i will focus on off-page SEO.

basically off-page SEO is all about how do you build back link to your site, besides good quality content Google also pay attention to how popular your website / blog indicated by how many sites linked to your site and how about the quality of those sites.

There are 3 type backlink that you can do to build your site popularity

Contextual Link

Contextual link is the most powerful type of backlink, this backlinks comes from inside article posts. for example you can writer an article for other people blogs and you can put your link inside the article, it called with Guest Post.

You can also post your articles into article directory like ezinearticles, article dashboard, GoArticles and many more or you can build your own authority blog network for backlink purpose.

Forum Profile

This method was known as Angela Backlink and this was one of powerful technique to boost your ranking fast, but soon after Angela share this technique to public it turn to Black hat method and prone to Google penalty. Nowadays people using this technique for their tier 2 and tier 3 backlink.

Blog Walking

Blog waking is you are visit other people blog and left your comment, this method was including White Hat SEO technique but over time many people abuse this technique by spamming other people post with unrelated comment just for link building purpose.

This technique just like two side of coin if you are using in the right way it will help your rank for long term, but if you are abuse this technique i suggest don't linked directly to your money site or you will get penalty by Google.

Here is the most popular software for blog comment purpose ScrapeBox and GSA Search Engine Ranking, both software is very powerful but you have to remember that this software is for Black Hat SEO purpose.

Using both software you can scrape list of blogs as your link building target but if you are using scrapebox you can only able to build backlink from comment and trackback whilst GSA is design for multipurpose link building type.

GSA just like swiss army knife, you use GSA to build contextual backlink, Forum Profile Backlink, Blog Comment, and many more. 

Besides there is additional monthly cost to operate these software, you have to subscribe to Windows VPS service and also subscribe to proxy services.

However to get optimum result and keep away from Google penalty you have to learn about link building strategy, such as percentage of anchor text, multiple layer backlink, diversity and a lot more. 

Don't forget about this you have to build your backlink as natural as possible, because if Google notice that your backlink growth significant in sort period Google will flag your blog as spammy blog and it take more effort to remove the flag.

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