Audience Intersect : Optimize Your Facebook Ads Targeting

Sometimes we want to target people who have multiple interests, but we all know that Facebook ads manager doesn't allow us to target intersect of two or multiple interests together.

For example you want to target people who have interest in Affiliate Marketing and also Search Engine Optimization, in fact you only able to target Affiliate Marketing or Search Engine Optimization. 

The Bad news is Audience Intersect feature is not for public, Facebook only release this Audience Intersect feature for their selected partner

Back to 2014 there is an Google Chrome extension that you can use to intersect two or multiple interest group together it's Audience Intersect but now that extension doesn't work with the latest Facebook ads manager platform.

If you are still want to target Audience Intersect there is only one solution to make it works, and the solution is Social Interest Freak Software.

Social Interest Freak Software created by Ali G, he is known as social marketing software creator like social lead freak, Sneaky Freak, Tweet Freak and many more.

When you decide to buy a software you have to make sure that the software will be support for the long term and i can make sure to you that Ali's software is updated regularly.

I personally Social Interest Freak user and it's been updated for multiple times and when i wrote this article SIF has been updated to version 1.7.5 and soon will be update to version 2.0 that will support for Instagram ads.‚Äč

Watch the video below and I will show you quick demo of Social Interest Freak.

Click Here to see full feature of Social Interest Freak

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