Facebook Released Audience Intersect Feature For Public

In the previous article about audience intersect i said that Facebook only release this feature to selected advertiser and mostly is corporate. And if you want to use this feature you have to using third party software called Social Interest Freak. But now Facebook has released this feature for public.

You can narrow your audience by target audience with multiple interest together and you can also exclude the specific audience from your target.

Note the links in the red box, just click narrow audience to target audiences that have multiple interest together.

Here is the example of Audience Intersect, I target people who like Apple and also Android in the same time.

The image above is example for target two interest with no intersect, so you will only target "Apple or Android".

In the image above i show you the example of Narrow Audience with exclude target. As you can see i target people who like Apple and also Android but, i don't want to target people who have interest in Microsoft Windows.

By using this feature you are able to target more specific and precisely to people who would need your products or services.

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