Increase Your Brand Using Article Marketing

Article marketing one of the most powerful online marketing strategy and still work until now. Using article marketing you will get multiple benefit, boost your ranking on search engine, marketing your products and services, and also boost your Company brand name.

Here is step by step to use article marketing as branding tool

Start Blogging

Most business just create mini site consist of Homepage, about page, product or services page, and content to promote their business. it doesn't enough you have to have blog page for your business, on that blog you can always give more useful information to your visitor like tips or case study.

The more useful content you provided makes people trust that you or the company are the expert in that field. it also makes people come back to your site again and again.

Here is some sample of business site that also using blog to increase their brand awareness. 



Press Release

Press Release According Wikipedia

"written or recorded communication directed at members of the news media for the purpose of announcing something ostensibly newsworthy".

Most people think that press release is no more effective since the vast majority of people now no longer rely on on morning news papers instead of looking at social media what’s hot in Twitter or Facebook. 

Even people now have more control about what, when, and where they consume information it doesn't mean that press release no longer effective to communicate and buzz your brand name.

it just need some adjustment in this PR game. Today we can publish our PR to online media and  get buzz announcement on Social Media like Facebook and twitter.

To publish your PR you can use third party service like Mass Media Distribution, they have 801,284 media contacts from different country all around the world and as a proof of distribution they will provide you with

  • A list of journalists that we reached
  • Links to the first 25 sites that post your release
  • A link to track hits to your press release online

Note : I'm not affiliate or user of those services, it just for sample purpose. If you are interested to user their services you can search on Google to get further information.

Article Directory

Article directory is one of favorite place to many marketer or even business to publish their articles. By publish their articles into article directories they also have advantage for their SEO.

Here is list of article directories that have a good reputation

To be able post your article on there you have make sure that your articles is unique and no grammatical error. If you have no time to write your own articles you can hire some one to write your articles.

You can find someone who willing to write an article with 500 word for just $5 on Fiverr, or you can hire from article writing services like iWriter​

To get the best result from this method you have to do it consistently and soon you will see the result.

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