On-Page SEO : Enhance Your Page Optimization

There is two part optimization in SEO, internal optimization that known as onpage SEO and external optization that called off-page SEO.

If you are looking for about on-page SEO, keep reading this article and at the end you will know what you have to do to applied on-page SEO on your pages.

Lets get start it

Keyword on Meta Tag

Meta tag consists of meta title, meta description and meta keywords but today meta keywords is no more important but it still important to have keyword on your meta title and meta description. 

Meta Title

If your are using wordpress as your blog or site platform you can using all in one SEO pack to setting meta tag, not just on your home page but also each your pages.

If you are using plain HTML and CSS you can build your meta tag using this meta tag generator.

Drop Your Keyword into Your Article

Your keyword should appear on your article some people says it must appear in first 100 words some people anywhere on your article, i personally agree with those two opinion plus drop your keyword into your article title and the important thing is you have to make sure that your keyword density isn't more than 3% of your article.

Optimize Your Image For SEO

Make sure you are also optimize your image. Using your keyword as your image file name and fill in the title field with your targeted keyword and also your image Alt Text

Image alt text

If you are not optimize your image for SEO you will miss the opportunity to get traffic from Google image search which is one of the biggest organic traffic source.

Page Loading Speed

In 2010 Google announced that page loading speed is one of important factor for website ranking. You can check your page speed score using GTmetrix

GTmetrix will analyze your site and give you suggestion to make your site faster then before. 

Make sure your page load no longer than 4 second because based on study by Akamai in 2006 that 75% people would not return to websites that took longer than 4 seconds to load. Just like reported by MunchWeb

Internal Link

As we know that Google rank webpages based on their credibility, and credibility comes from link. The more you get backlink from authority website the more high rank you will get.

But links are not just comes from other site to your site it also can from your own page to another page on your site, it called internal link.

Internal Link

Why Internal links Important for SEO ?

Here is the theory behind Internal link based on kissmetrics :

Internal linking strengthens the overall search-optimized value of a website. Inner linking does so by providing clear paths for spiders, prolonged sessions for users, and a tight-knit network of pages and posts.


External Link

Not just backlinks and Internal link that matter for SEO, External link or also known as outbound link is also important for SEO it can improve your site authority and ranking.

linking your pages to other relevant pages will help search engine to understand your niche, but you have to remember don't ever to linking your site to any bad site reputation. 

Find Good Related Link

First you can type in Google for “related:(your domain name).com”  to see related site links.

You can go to Moz site explorer to find out the reputation of the website that related to your niche, make sure that you only getting outbound link from the authority site

SPAM Score

Make site that you want to get outbound link have spam score under 4, and if you want to know level of the Authority you can see the score of Domain Authority ( DA ), Higher score indicate of High Authority.

this is an example of external link practices from one of my article about private blog network

Outbound link

Okay thats all about my onpage SEO practices and now it's time to you to optimize your onpage SEO and get higher rank in search engine

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