PBN Blueprint Course Review

Private Blog Network aka PBN aka Blog Farming is the most powerful way to get high ranking on Google but it is also forbidden to implement to SEO. So if it forbidden why some people out there still using this method to boost their rank? and how they are make their PBN running for long term ?

Look even though  Blog network is forbidden it doesn’t mean that you can’t use this method monopoly searches result for your profit, but before you start build your own network you have to know the rule and the step by step.

In this moment i would like to introduce you to PBN Blueprint Course,

This course created by Mike Johnson he is an SEO practitioner and he has been research for over 3 years about how to build his own Blog network that can survive for long term period and he did it, it cost him a lot of money but now he has his own powerful SEO Weapon and already got profit from his PBN.

If you have been long time in SEO world you must be know why it’s really important since Google made blog network down in 2012 and a lot of people lost their money because the current events. I must admit that was horrible moment and a lot of people said “this is the end of the SEO game”.

This time mike has proved that all was not right and he want to share his way about how to build powerful Blog network and how to make your PBN survive from Google slap.

in his blueprint he tells that all need to do is these 8 simple steps :

  1.  Setup Your PBN Matrix
  2. Acquire Instant Authority Domains
  3. Acquire Buffer Sites
  4. Setup ZERO Footprint Registrars & Hosting
  5. Setup Your PBN Blogs – Site Config, Plugins, etc.
  6. Configure Site Security & Management
  7. Configure Post Content Automation
  8. Configure Internal & External Linking

by follow his 8 simple steps you going to have powerful SEO weapon and you will easily rank your sites anytime you want, not just site you can also rank your Youtube video very fast.

But I need to honest with your at this time SEO is not the quickest way to get traffic and generate income from internet even you are using PBN, because it needs process to build your PBN and in the process is always involve money, time, and effort so you have to make sure your self before you decide to jump in SEO game and start build your own network.

How much time do you need to build strong and safe blog network ?

The answer is depend on your financial strength and your effort, it could be a month, 3 month or maybe 12 month is up to you. No pain no gain 😀

But if you succeed built your own network you don’t have to worry about traffic anymore because in that level Google will supply traffic to your site anytime you want.

Here is what you Get from PBN Blueprint :

  • Page #1 Rankings on Autopilot – Rank whenever YOU want!
  • Our Domain Acquisition Blueprint for finding Instant Authority Domains!
  • Our Link Optimization Blueprint for successful on site and off site linking!
  • Our Hosting Blueprint for No Footprint hosting and registrations!
  • Our Site Building Blueprint for building Maximum Authority for your sites!
  • Our Content Management Blueprint for building more Authority on-site!
  • How to Grow Your PBN and Manage its Authority!
  • More Traffic to your Money Sites
  • More Sales on Your Money Sites
  • More Profits rolling in each and every month on autopilot.
  • Peace of mind knowing you don’t have to spend anymore cash on stupid SEO gimmicks that don’t work!
  • Full control of your site’s destiny versus relying on paying someone else for it.

If you are ready to start your SEO Journey Click here to get your PBN Blueprint.

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