SEO Catalyst Pro, Proven PBN Software

Before I talk about SEO Catalyst Pro, i want to tell you the concept behind this software in case you are a newbie in SEO but If you’ve been in Internet Marketing Industry you must be know that traffic is the blood in this industry and without traffic you will never be able to generate income.

One of the most popular traffic method is SEO (Search Engine Optimization), the idea behind of SEO is you are target high traffic keywords for your site and optimize your site to get into top 10 position on Search Engine (Mostly Google) for that high traffic keywords.

There are 2 major process on SEO and we call it SEO on page and SEO off page, in other words you have to optimize your content for SEO on page and increase your site popularity and increase your site authority by doing link building.

Here is the idea behind link building : when the other people sites linked to your sites Google will recognize that your site has been voted by the other sites, the more you get linked from the other, your site popularity and authority will increase in Google’s eye so Google will put your sites in their top 10 searches.

There are so many ways to build links to your site but the most link building method is SPAMMING like link auto comment, auto link wheel, auto web 2.0 link and the others auto link building method will ruin your SEO process because soon or later Google will know that your link comes from crap sources.

The safety way to do link building is by create your own link network. You can create several blog (dummy blog) to back up your main site let say your money sites and create your own content and must be high quality content and post them to your dummy blog and linked that post your money site.

The key successful of this method is you have to create high quality unique content not only for your money sites but for all your sites including your dummy sites and drip feed your link building so Google will saw your link building process is naturally and comes from trusted sources.

This method known as PBN (Private Blog Network) the more dummy blog you have the more powerful your network, but the lack of this system is you have be able managed your blog network and it really time consuming. The solution is you can hire someone to manage your network or you can use tools or software that can help you manage your PBN without hassle.

SEO Catalyst Pro is one of SEO software that will help you to publish your articles into your PBN sites from one single dashboard.

Here is what you can do with SEO Catalyst Pro :

1. Automatically Posts Unique Themed Content
2. Automatically Optimizes & Monetizes
3. Automatically Monitor & Control Your PBN
4. Skyrocket your sites to page 1

check the video below for the detail and demo.

The lack of the SEO Catalyst Pro is they not support you to do WordPress mass install and setting from their dashboard and also doesn’t support to submit your posted into social media whereas, as we know that social media is one of the most important component for search engine to determine a page whether it is feasible placed in the top 10 position of their searches result.

So if you just need tools to help you publish your articles into your blog network you can pick SEO Catalyst Pro as your SEO weapon. This software is one time payment but, the price will raise after launch phase so Click here to get SEO Catalyst pro before the price raise.

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