Social Funnels Review

social-funnelsFirst time i know about Social Funnels i’m very excited to try this wordpress plugin, after watched the demo video my head was full with a lot of idea about list building using this plugin. But there is something that becomes a question about this viral list building concept.

first let me explain about what is social funnels

Social Funnels is a wordpress plugin that make you able to turn any webpage on the internet into your own viral lead capture page.

The concept of social funnels is combines clickjacking and  viral engine system, here is the process.

You chooses other people content and overlaying the link with something more enticing, like a pop up offer like free ebook or free coupon to subscribe to your email list, here is the viral part before they can access the gift the have to get some people to join into your mailing list by share their refferal link.

Watchs the Demo Video of Social Funnels

Interesting right ? But here is the problem 

Before i decide to buy this plugin i want to make sure that this method is safe on Facebook and i just figured it out.

The bad news is Facebook doesn't like content like click-jacking share on their platform, it means i can't advertise this click-jacking content on Facebook or i will get suspend.

Here is what Facebook says

Clickjacking protection

Spammers sometimes take advantage of a vulnerability in the web browser to try to trick people into clicking on links they might not want to click on. This is called clickjacking, and it’s done by overlaying the link with something more enticing, like a phony offer.

We have built defenses to detect clickjacking of the Facebook Like button and to block links to known clickjacking pages. Recently, we improved our systems to also alert people if we think they’re being tricked. Now, when we detect something suspicious, we’ll ask you to confirm your like before posting a story to your profile and your friends’ News Feeds.

If you have already clicked on a link resulting in an addition to your “Likes and Interests” section of your profile, you can edit your “Likes and Interests” field by clicking “Edit My Profile” underneath your profile picture. Then, select “Likes and Interests” from the left column menu.

so this method obviously not compliant with Facebook Term 

Well if you don't have initial traffic you can't promote your social funnels campaign on Facebook. 

But, if you have lots of fans on your fanspage or lots of member on your groups you still be able to share your social funnels campaign link to your fanspage or group.

But this is what you have to remember, sooner or latter Facebook will detect your domain as Click-jacking domain and block your domain, when that's happen just install your social funnels plugin to your other domain name.

Finally this is my conclusion about this Viral List Building Plugin

Overall Social Funnels is powerful list building plugin, but you should be aware that using this plugin on Facebook there are risks.

Well If you ready to take the risks just click here to get Social Funnels

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