What is Private Blog Network and How To Setting Up

Back link is the most important part in search engine optimization, but we all know link building is not just that simple.

There are some criteria for a good back link, if Google detect that you have back link from spammy blog Google will decreased your rank or maybe kick your site / blog from their search engine database.

so what is the criteria for a google back link ?

Your back link must come from trusted sites

Trusted sites also means authority site, there is two type score to measure the authority level of the site, domain authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA).

you can check this score through Moz.com, just type the domain name there and wait the result from MOZ engine calculation.

Growing naturally

There are a lot of software out there that offer you the ability to build bunch of back link overnight, but you have to understand that Google will easily to know that your backlink is spammy link because those link growth significant in sort time period.

Private Blog Network ( PBN ) 

What is Private Blog Network ?

So now you already know that the most powerful back link is from authority sites and it's not that easy to get backlink from authority site and the solution is create your own authority site.

Back to 2011 there are a lot of blog network services that sell membership plan and allow their member to create backlink  by post articles to the network until Google update their algorithm and taken down all the network.

Are people stop using blog network ? absolutely not people still using Blog network as their back link source but now they are not sell their network service to public, they just use it for their own money site that's why it's called Private blog Network

How to Build Private Blog Network and Keep it Under Google Radar

Build Your Authority Blog 

In the past people build a blog network indiscriminately without thinking about the quality of the blog so here is how to create authority blog.

    You have to use trusted and aged domain name

    You can go to expireddomains.net to get high PR domain with high score of DA / PA and also aged.

    Buy domain from multiple registrar and don't forget to protect your privacy so Google can't identify t​he domain owner.

    Using Multiple Hosting Services

    don't use same hosting with multiple dedicated ip's because it will left footprint and Google will easily tracking down your blog network.

    You have to host your blog on multiple hosting​ services it more safe because when google tracking your back links they will see that your back links comes from multiple ip's and also have multiple nameserver.

    High quality Content

    Since the latest Google algorithm focus on user experiences makes content more important than before.

    in the past you can use low quality spun articles for your content but now you have to make sure that your articles is not just unique but also highly informative since you'll use this network as your 1st tier back link.

    You can still allow using spin articles but you have to make sure the result is still readable and make sense. ​

    If you want to use spinner software i recommend you to use Spin Rewriter or Wordai since both software have artificial intelligent technology​ and i personally using Spin Rewriter since they have lifetime membership program.

    Hiding Your PBN

    Hide your Private blog network from your competitor, since they can tracking down your backlink sources through MOZ, ahrefs, etc.

    You can do this by using robot.txt file and .htaccess file and here is the code that you have to write down on robot.txt file​

    User-agent: Rogerbot
    User-agent: Exabot
    User-agent: MJ12bot
    User-agent: Dotbot
    User-agent: Gigabot
    User-agent: AhrefsBot
    User-agent: BlackWidow
    User-agent: ChinaClaw
    User-agent: Custo
    User-agent: DISCo
    User-agent: Download Demon
    User-agent: eCatch
    User-agent: EirGrabber
    User-agent: EmailSiphon
    User-agent: EmailWolf
    User-agent: Express WebPictures
    User-agent: ExtractorPro
    User-agent: EyeNetIE
    User-agent: FlashGet
    User-agent: GetRight
    User-agent: GetWeb!
    User-agent: Go!Zilla
    User-agent: Go-Ahead-Got-It
    User-agent: GrabNet
    User-agent: Grafula
    User-agent: HMView
    User-agent: HTTrack
    User-agent: Image Stripper
    User-agent: Image Sucker
    User-agent: Indy Library
    User-agent: InterGET
    User-agent: Internet Ninja
    User-agent: JetCar
    User-agent: JOC Web Spider
    User-agent: larbin
    User-agent: LeechFTP
    User-agent: Mass Downloader
    User-agent: MIDown tool
    User-agent: Mister PiX
    User-agent: MJ12Bot
    User-agent: Navroad
    User-agent: NearSite
    User-agent: NetAnts
    User-agent: NetSpider
    User-agent: Net Vampire
    User-agent: NetZIP
    User-agent: Octopus
    User-agent: Offline Explorer
    User-agent: Offline Navigator
    User-agent: PageGrabber
    User-agent: Papa Foto
    User-agent: pavuk
    User-agent: pcBrowser
    User-agent: RealDownload
    User-agent: ReGet
    User-agent: SiteSnagger
    User-agent: SmartDownload
    User-agent: SuperBot
    User-agent: SuperHTTP
    User-agent: Surfbot
    User-agent: tAkeOut
    User-agent: Teleport Pro
    User-agent: VoidEYE
    User-agent: Web Image Collector
    User-agent: Web Sucker
    User-agent: WebAuto
    User-agent: WebCopier
    User-agent: WebFetch
    User-agent: WebGo IS
    User-agent: WebLeacher
    User-agent: WebReaper
    User-agent: WebSauger
    User-agent: Website eXtractor
    User-agent: Website Quester
    User-agent: WebStripper
    User-agent: WebWhacker
    User-agent: WebZIP
    User-agent: Wget
    User-agent: Widow
    User-agent: WWWOFFLE
    User-agent: Xaldon WebSpider
    User-agent: Zeus
    Disallow: /

    And here is for .htaccess file

    RewriteEngine On
    RewriteBase /
    RewriteCond %{HTTP_USER_AGENT} .*MJ12.* [OR]
    RewriteCond %{HTTP_USER_AGENT} .*AhrefsBot.*
    RewriteRule ^(.*)$ http://www.domain.com/ [L,R=301]
    Order Allow,Deny
    Allow from all
    Deny from
    Deny from ....

Eventually you have to use it carefully, once you made a mistake and Google will find your network and take your network down from their search engine.

However Private blog network is a powerful way to boost your ranking in search engine and still risky but the risk is commensurate with the results.

No Pain, No Gain.

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