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The key to success in online sales is the testing and optimization of campaigns, both you as the owner of the products or as an affiliate and one of the elements that need to be done is the landing page testing and optimization.

With proper landing page we will get high sales conversions, that's why we need to test and optimize to get the best landing page structure to presell your audience.

Here is what you need to do, you have to create several landing pages with different angle for the product then you would have to do the tracking on each landing page to get the data from your visitors, so that you can determine what elements of your landing page that need to be optimized to get maximum conversion rate.

Create a landing page is actually quite easy, you can use the html editor to create a landing page, but if you are looking for a convenience you can use WordPress as your basic platform to build a landing page.

Here is list of WordPress landing page plugin that you can use.

Optimize Press 2.0

Optimize press 2.0 is the first landing page plugin that apply drag n drop system in organizing the landing page elements such as headline, opt-in forms, image, layout column etc. 

To support the drag n drop OptimizePress system comes with in word editor that called Live Editor. You can build any marketing pages easily such as Squeeze Page, Sales Page, Membership Page, Webinar Page etc.

Here is the complete list of the elements available at Optimizepress 2.0

  • Column Text – You can add columns of text to an existing column of your page layout.
  • Affiliate Page Snippets – Provide code for banners or other elements that you want your affiliates to use for promoting your products or services.
  • Arrows – Use arrows on your site to highlight areas of important information, or to help funnel your visitors eye to a particular area or element of the page
  • Audio Player – Use the audio player to Include audio on your page. We recommend using MP3 format for your audio files.
  • Bullet Block -Use bullet blocks or lists to break down bulky information into readable chunks. Using bullets can help conversions as visitors can quickly scan your bullets for information
  • Button – Use buttons on your page for calls to action or to aid navigation through your site. Select from our wide range of buttons to suit your page style and purpose
  • Calendar Date & Time – Use the Calendar Date and Time element to show the time and date of a webinar or other online event
  • Content Toggle – Use this element to keep lengthly content organised on the page. Great for FAQ’s or similar information where the visitor can view the title and expand for more information.
  • Course Description Box – Insert a box showing the title and description of your membership course or product and include an icon
  • Custom HTML / Shortcode – Insert custom HTML or shortcodes into your page using this element. Some shortcodes may not render in the LiveEditor but will show when you preview your page.
  • Delayed Content – Use this to delay an element on your page so it appears after a set time. You can delay text or use the “Add Element” feature to add more items to delay.
  • Divider – Choose from a range of dividing lines and graphics to insert into your page.
  • Dynamic Date – Insert the date of the users visit into your page. This date will always show the date the visitor accessed your page, so gives the impression of updated content
  • Facebook Comments – Insert a Facebook comments block into your page. Note this element can only be used once and will not render in the LiveEditor
  • Feature Block – Use this element to highlight particular features of your product or service and include an icon or image to accompany the feature.
  • Feature Box – Insert a styled content box onto your page. Choose from a range of styles to suit your page and content and insert text or other elements into the box.
  • Feature Box Creator – Create your own box style for your content. Use the Advanced Options section to customize the look and feel of your box before inserting into the page
  • Files Download – Files download element can be used to upload files and build file lists.
  • Guarantee Box – Highlight your guarantee policy and terms with these boxes and graphics.
  • Headline – Choose from a range of different headline styles to highlight features or sections of your page.
  • Hyperlink –If you want to include a customized text hyperlink you can use this element to insert one into your page. Customize the styling to fit your site.
  • Image with Javascript Alert – Image with javascript alert can be used for a video fakeout or to push people to your optin form
  • Image with Text Aside – An easy way to add an image and vertically align text content next to it. Great for inserting features illustrated with graphics onto your pages
  • Images – Insert an image into your page with this element. Choose from a range of border styles and include a caption and larger image if you want to provide a larger lightbox preview.
  • JavaScript – Add your custom JavaScript on page
  • Launch Navigation – Insert a navigation bar showing your launch pages. Please note this element will only work on pages which have been added to a funnel stage in the Launch Suite
  • Live Search – Insert a Live Search box which can be used to search your pages or membership content
  • Navigation – Help visitors navigate around your site with these navigation blocks. Create a custom menu within the WordPress interface and choose the menu to assign to your element
  • News Bar – Insert a bar which you can use to highlight latest news from your company or product One Time Offer
  • Count Down – If you have activated the One-Time offer countdown in the page settings, you can use this element to display a timer which will count down until the page expires.
  • Optin Box – Insert an optin box into your page with this element. Choose from a range of styles and integrate your autoresponder to build your email list.
  • Order Box – Use order boxes to highlight your call to action and order buttons.
  • Order Step Graphics – Use order step graphics to highlight the step of the checkout process your visitor is on. This can help them how close to completing the transaction they are.
  • Pricing Graphics – If you want to include a high visibility product price on your page you can use this element. Customize the text and a white border and shadow will be added.
  • Pricing Table – Use Pricing Tables to elegantly display the different features or benefits of your product packages in comparison to each other
  • Progress Bar – Insert a progress bar on your page, great for showing progress through a membership course or free training series
  • Q&A Elements – If you want to include a Q&A section on your page you can use this element to display your questions and answers in an organised style
  • Recent Posts – Insert a list of the most recent posts from your blog. Perfect for creating a custom home page.
  • Social Sharing – Insert a block of social sharing icons into your page to help spread your content virally through networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus
  • Step Graphics – Use Step Graphics as a great way to illustrate numbered steps for a process on your pages
  • Tabs – Use tabs to separate content but make it easily navigable without the user scrolling down the page.
  • Terms & Conditions Box – If you would like to require your visitors to agree to a set of terms & conditions before purchasing you can use this element.
  • Testimonials – Use testimonials as a great way to provide social proof about your product or service. Choose from a range of styles to fit your page
  • Text Block – Insert a normal block of text into your page. Customize the text styling with the advanced options. You can also insert images and other elements using the WYSIWYG editor
  • Tour Elements – These elements are a great way to provide a call to action for your visitors to purchase or get more information about your product or service
  • Vertical Spacing – Add vertical spacing to a column of your layout.
  • Video Player – Include a video on your page. Use your own embed code from sites like YouTube, or select URL to use a video you have hosted with Amazon S3 or a similar service.
  • Video Thumbnail & Lightbox – Insert an image into your page which when clicked will load a video in a lightbox. Great for training pages or to keep feature pages more organised.
  • WordPress Comments – Insert a WordPress comments block into your page. Note this element can only be used once on the page and will not render in the LiveEditor.

This is whats look like on Optimizepress 2.0 member area

as you can see Optimizepress 2.0 comes in WordPress Theme & Plugin formats and the version you see is the latest version (July 2015) and keep updated by Optimizepress team to make sure it still worked with the latest WordPress version.

Optimizepress 2.0 also comes with membership plugin that you can use to build membership portal that only member can access your content.​

Extra Downloads is more pre made templates that you can use with OP 2.0. Optimizepress it self comes with over 30 pre made templates that you can select to create your marketing pages and you still can add more templates from Extra Downloads or you can buy from the marketplace or you can join to Optimizepress template club just for $17/month and you will get extra new templates every month.

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